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1. The Call and Response chant

The largest number of Spirituals is constructed in this form.

The Call: The Soloist: In dat great gittin' up mornin'

The Response: The chorus: Fare ye well, Fare ye well

a. In dat great gittin' up mornin''

b. Walk together children

c. Great camp meeting

d. Shout for Joy

e. Swing Low Sweet chariot

f. Witness

2. The Slow and Sustained

The tempo of these songs is slow and the phrase is long and sustained.

a. Deep river

b. Nobody Knows the Trouble I see

c. My Lord What a Morning

d. Were You There?

e. Sometimes I feel Like a Motherless Child

f. You May bury me in de East

3. The syncopated, Segmented Melody

The most popular of all spirituals is found in this class:

a. Shout All over God's Heab'n

b. Little David Play on Yo' Harp

c. Ain't Goin' to Study War no Mo

d. Ol' Ark's a-Moverin'

e. Witness

f. Do don't touch-a ma garment

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